Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tech post dump

They’re piling up again:

  • Thumbstacks lets you create presentations online any serve them up via a static URL.  Presentations automatically display in Flash if it’s installed or revert to Ajax if there’s no Flash.  Originally found on TechCrunch.  Link
  • lala.  Think about swapping CDs that you want to hear (not that you’d rip the music off them, right?) with other people.  Hey, if the RIAA has a problem with it, they should have put unique serial numbers on CDs when they started pressing them however many years ago (of course, they never would have sued for their service had there been unique identifiers).  Originally found on TechCrunch.  Link
  • Check out the graph of iTunes Music Store downloads.  Pretty impressive.  More impressive would be to also graph the number of iPods sold and show a correlation average number of songs purchased per iPod.  Originally found on TUAW.  Link
  • Delibar lets you access your bookmarks by adding a small icon to your Finder in OSX.  Ok, where’s this functionality for Windows?  Originally found on TUAW.  Link
  • Solve the big pain in the ass of Office for OSX dumping your “Microsoft User Data” folder in your Documents folder by simply moving it to . . . Just go read the original post.  Link
  • Save Youtube videos.  Originally found on digg.  Link
  • Ajax Dictionary.
  • helps those that want to dump leases get out of them and those that want to get into shorter leases get into them.  Kind of cool if you’re into this sort of thing.

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