Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MySpace is totally scary

Jeremy Wright posts that MySpace scares him and I certainly agree with him.  The scariest thing to me is that I read everything in Jeremy’s post and it all makes sense, but I still don’t get it and I’m not that far in age from the people that are actually using it on a daily basis.

Russell Beattie’s scared of MySpace too and has created his site, tweaked it, and generally played around with the service, but as he says now that he’s played around with the actual technology:

I guess the next step in understanding the whole scene is to find someone who uses it for real and see what they actually get out of it. What’s the really compelling features of MySpace?

If I have time this weekend, I’m going to set myself up on MySpace and see what I can figure out.  I actually know some people that use the service frequently, so I’m going to tap them to see if I can get some insight.

Link — Jeremy Wright

Link & Link — Russell Beattie


COD said...

Unsigned bands seem to use Myspace to great effect. it allows them to connec t with fans, and get their music out there in another venue.

Anonymous said...

myspace is an addicting kraze its insane you hate yet still go on it wanna know what makes it great u can dig into peoples lives everyday n see how they r and what there up too its def one of the best inventions ever if they charged people for this they would make millions!!!!