Thursday, March 16, 2006

Samsung A-920 initial impressions

Before I even start using it:

  • Cool looking color
  • Speakers on the sides make it look a little goofy
  • Battery and transflash card pre-inserted
  • Goofy rectangular charger connector
  • Large outside display
  • Amazing resolution on the interior display
  • Booted up and said “Locked,” which meant that I actually had to pull out the instructions (lame).  Too many choices for the unlock code — four 0’s or the last four of the phone number or NATL; if none of those work, then call Sprint.  Once I figured out the correct code, everything started up fine.
  • Sticker on the screen showing how to hold the phone so that the internal antenna is not blocked — seems like the way I want to hold the phone is exactly how I should not be holding it.
  • No Outlook sync for contacts and calendar in the box and no good solution on the first page of results on Google — this is the kind of thing that keeps me from moving back from a Treo to a clamshell; MS Smartphone OS, Palm OS, or even Symbian OS would probably solve this issue

Link — full Samsung specs

Link — disclaimer (ok, I would link here if Blogger was working right now, but I can’t access the permalink right now)

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