Monday, November 22, 2004

TiVo update by way of Fast Company Now

Fast Company Now had this post following a conversation between Lucas Conley at Fast Company and TiVo PR:

I spoke with a member of TiVo's outside PR this afternoon - here's what we discussed:

  • TiVo will be serving up advertisements.
  • The advertisements will appear on recorded programs when you fast forward through commercials.
  • Advertisements will take the form of "small tags."
  • These tags will appear for about four seconds, or however long it takes to fast forward the commercial.
  • Users will be able to click the ad to learn more about the product or service.
  • Once they've clicked through, users can opt in and pass on their contact info.

I like the plan that I found on this post at Micro Persuasion:

Jackie Huba is tracking a big TiVo crisis brewing in the blogosphere over the ads they may insert over fast-forwarded advertising and says they could be the next Kryponite. She also tells the company it's not too late to act and offers a  sound four-point plan of PR attack...

1. Start working the media.
2. Monitor the blogosphere like an air-traffic controller.
3. Launch a program to include influential evangelist bloggers in your response.
4. Make rapid plans to launch a blog.

Dear TiVo.

You are getting slammed in the blogosphere; immediately follow the plan above.  Do not assume that getting information published in high profile blogs like Fast Company Now is going to solve your problems; do not assume that posting in the TiVo Community news groups is going to get the information to everyone that is concerned about this issue (I don't have a TiVo, so I am not a member of those groups).  Start a blog and start talking to the public directly -- you need to communicate with those that are already paying for your product (not me) and those that may have been interested in paying for your product (me). 

You are getting killed out here.



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