Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tom Peters Project '04

Just got finished reading the new Tom Peters book, Project '04.  You can get most of the components of the book from these various places:

The missing parts, I haven't been able to find them online:

    • Excellence: I'll Know it When I See It
    • Pity the Poor Brown

So what's the point in buying the book if you can download most of the parts?  Quite frankly, you can do what you want, but even though there is no real common thread to the book, everything seems to flow together as it has been assembled, and the book only costs about $10 (note: you are looking for an 8.5x11 spiral-bound book, not a standard hardcover or paperback).  As Tom says:

So ...

What is it/this?


My eleventh book was published in October 2003.  Book pubs are life's punctuation marks for authors.  Yet one does not lie fallow forever thereafter ...

Hence, what follows.

Badly organized.  (No organization at all, in fact.)  Yet "stuff" I needed to say.


Some "stuff" takes but a page.  Some goes on and on.  I am not displeased with the outcome.  (Why else would I have foisted it upon you?)

Most of the "stuff" is SUMMARY "stuff."  Draft efforts to s-u-m-m-a-r-i-z-e a lifetime's worth of observations.
(For better or ... for worse.)

Enjoy! (I enjoyed doing it.)

Here's my suggestion: Buy the book.  Read it cover-to-cover.  Repeat.  Send chunks of information to people that you think need it; use the links I provided above.  Extract some lessons and attach them to the signature of your e-mail; hell, copy one of the items below:

It's all about brand-you.

It's all about Me, Inc.

It's all about WOW projects. 


Keyword: Engage

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