Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Linkblog with

Simple instructions on how to create a linkblog with via this post on CorporateBlogginBlog.  From the post:

  1. Register for a account.
  2. Create a specific tag for the links you want in your "linkblog".
  3. Grab the RSS feed at the bottom of your page for that tag.
  4. Create a JavaScript of that feed. Feed2JS is a good service.
  5. Paste the JavaScript to your web site/web templates.

Seems pretty simple and you can’t beat the price.

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COD said...

The down side to that method is that every time somebody hits your web page, the link blog gets pulled across the Internet from A better method is how I do it. I use wget to pull the html page to my server as needed, then use a simple include to post the link blog to my main weblog page. This way I'm not eating up bandwidth or having my page hang when is slow. If you have chrontab access on your serer, you can totally automate it by setting up a chrontab job to pull your links down to the local server periodically.