Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why aren't printers free after rebate?

It’s really the give away the razor and sell the blade model isn’t it?  According to this post on Engadget, Dell is introducing a 15ppm, 600 dpi laser printer for only $99, which has typically been the cost of entry into the inkjet market.  The toner that it ships with yields 1,000 pages and there is a 2,000 page toner available — I couldn’t find any pricing for the toner, but the expected ship date for the printer is 6/28/05.  I certainly plan on getting one for my house as I burn through black inkjet cartridges like it’s going out of style, and with the USB cable, I can share it among my entire network with my Airport Extreme.

Ok, so where’s the $199 color laser printer?

UPDATE — this article on states that the price of the 2,000 page toner will be around $65.

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