Friday, June 10, 2005

UPS execs don't agree with blogs

From this post on Micro Persuasion, Robert Manning, Director of Interactive Communications at the UPS has this to say:

"What I love about blogs is the authenticity of voice, how they further democratize web publishing, and how they provide more relevant information through contextual links. What concerns me about blogs is the signal to noise ratio -- do we really need all these niche, special-interest blogs, or will it become increasingly difficult to find relevance amidst the seas of personal web journals (or diatribes) without much to offer the broader constituency?"

Time for FedEx to jump into the hole.


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Anonymous said...

So many businesses and managers are blind to the fact that there are better tools - Ideascape - for finding/discovering relevant ideas, concepts, information, questions/answers in the blogsosphere.

jim wilde