Sunday, June 05, 2005

PST Stuff

I finally located a fairly affordable piece of software that can convert Outlook PST files to ASCII or MBX formats; the program is called MailNavigator and costs $29.  Why is this useful?  Well, if you can get your PST data into MBX format then you can use this free program called GMail Loader to get the data into your Gmail account, permanently freeing yourself from having to stick with Outlook as a mail client because your data is stored in their proprietary format (Ok, it also allows you to use your PST data with other free clients like Thunderbird, but the Gmail thing just seems way cooler.  If you’re like me, though, and have 10gb of PST data, I guess the Gmail thing simply does not have enough storage for all my stuff yet).

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COD said...

But the data won't be 10GB after it's converted. MS has a lot of overhead in the PST file - I'll bet it's down to 2.5GB.