Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google Secure Access

What is exactly is this thing called "Google Secure Access"?  From the FAQ:

What is Google Secure Access?

Google Secure Access is a downloadable client application that allows users to establish a more secure WiFi connection.

Why would I want to download and install Google Secure Access?

Google Secure Access allows you to establish a more secure connection while using Google WiFi. By using Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted, preventing others from viewing the information you transmit.

Ok, so essentially Google Secure Access is a PC-only wireless internet connection utility.  The Secure Access software is free, but you may want to browse the privacy policy, especially after you read the following in the FAQ:

What sort of information does Google have access to?

If you choose to use Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted and sent through Google's servers to the Internet. The data that is received will then be encrypted and sent back through our servers to your computer. Your privacy is important to us, we strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to be fully informed about how your privacy is protected.


So with the locational information above, why am I posting about this?  Two reasons:

  1. Some of my readers are in the Bay Area.
  2. It’s interesting to showcase new Google technologies regardless of location restrictions as these technologies give us a glimpse into future Google technologies.


Srini said...

The tool works on other service providers too. I live in Slovenia, Europe and I could connect quite easily through this tool. Although I removed it later on since I am not sure if I want all my traffic to go through Google.
Nice blog you have here Ross.

Ross said...

That's interesting; other bloggers in the US have reported different experiences with the Secure Access working (or not) in various cities.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful invention it is, this thing we call the Internet!

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