Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Washington travel

I was out in Washington over the weekend.  Unfortunately on Sunday morning there was a rock slide on the Sno Pass; I hadn’t been watching the news, so I didn’t hear about it.

I arrived at the Pass at about 10:30AM to find it was closed, but I heard it might open around 12PM.  When 12PM arrived, the new time for opening was 2PM, so I decided to take an alternate route through Wanatchee.  Unfortunately, a lot of other people decided to use the alternate route as well, so, long story short, I finally arrived at the Seattle airport around 8:30PM.  Because there were no flights out to Denver that night, I got on the 6AM flight yesterday.

Despite the inconvenience, Washington is a beautiful place to drive through.  If you ever get the chance to take the longer drive from Seattle out East and you have the time, I recommend taking the 405 to the 522 to the 2 and driving through Wanatchee — the drive is very scenic and all of the little towns along the way look like cool places to stop and/or camp.

One thing I found very interesting was that every little mom and pop gas station or store along the route I took had a drive-through espresso shack.  I guess Washington is the home to Starbucks and coffee is a way of life, it just sort of surprised me.

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