Friday, September 02, 2005

Television Retardation

I just watched a Dateline special about Katrina. The reporter actually called someone trapped in their house to talk to them about being trapped. Of course, the person was talking on their cell phone and the connection dropped. It is unknown as to whether it was a signal issue or the battery died, and it was further unclear as to whether the person the reporter was talking to had power to recharge the cell phone battery. To add insult to injury, the reporter then called the Coast Guard hotline to ask about rescue for the person she had been talking to and was connected to a 911 operator that she proceeded to bombard with questions -- in other words, she monopolized the time of a 911 operator for a new story.

The whole 5 minute story made me sick. Want to really raise some money for relief? Charge the news stations that do stupid-ass stories like this for ratings.

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