Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Nextel service in the DTC

Ever since the Sprint/Nextel merger, Nextel service in the Denver Tech Center seems to have gone to crap.  In places where I used to have full service, I now don’t receive service at all.  Furthermore, there seem to be many more instances of my receiving a voicemail message without ever having had my phone ring.  The interesting part is that Sprint and Nextel do not use the same technologies, so it’s not as if Sprint took down a bunch of duplicated towers once the merger was complete.  I can now transfer service to Sprint with no Early Termination Fee (ETF), but am wondering whether the service is really better.

DTC is the primary place where I use my phone, but I also use it in downtown Denver, and I travel frequently to Dallas, Washington, San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cleveland, and some other major cities.  I am not out of contract with Nextel and would have to pay a ETF if I went with a carrier other than Sprint.

Any thoughts from anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same problem in central Phoenix. It may be that they advertised extensively in these markets and got a flood of new subscribers which the existing system can't handle. I switched to Cingular and have very good service.