Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Am I your worst nightmare?

Cameron Reilly thinks he might be in his blog post. In the vein of his post, here are my points:

  • I am 27, married, and have 1 kid
  • I’m involved in running a business
  • I write a blog that lots of people read
  • I’ve got money in the bank that is completely liquid
  • I drive a GMC truck, but to be honest am looking hard at a BMW X5
  • I watch TV, but I change channels during commercials and hardly utilize all the channels available to me; a lot of time the TV is on just for noise
  • I have iPods everywhere and AirTunes in my house, so I never listen to the radio
  • I read a ton of books — 50/50 between fiction and non-fiction
  • I use a lot of web-based technology; as much as I can get my hands on, most of which is free
  • I am moving toward using more and more open-source software
  • My preferred information source is the web and blogs and services like Google News — I am frequently so far ahead of the news on TV that I find the nightly news boring
  • I use Skype as much as possible and Vonage when I can’t use Skype
  • I prefer to use a Mac to using Windows
  • I use Firefox exclusively
  • I subscribe to lots of business magazines and read most of them online — I throw out most of the hardcopies without looking through them
  • I think the Nokia 770 is going to start a massive change — it’s small, it’s easy, and it’s open source (and as soon as I get mine, I’m getting rid of the laptop in the living room)
  • I think the iPod Video is changing TV and I’ll get one as soon as they come out with the next version (I never buy cars during their first model year either)
  • I hate TiVo because of how they implement DVR but I love the general idea
  • I am your worst nightmare and you know who you are


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