Monday, November 21, 2005

Google eyes purchase of Riya

I’ve written in the past about Ojos Inc., makers of Riya, which uses recognition technology to tag and organize photo libraries. Om Malik is reporting that Google is looking at buying Riya for $40mil. While I’m not surprised that Google is looking to get a hold of Riya’s technology, I don’t even think that Riya made it out of a very limited beta test before Google took notice.

Note: Right now the Riya site is not working.



Anonymous said...

Why would Riya sell for only $40m??? They just took $4m in VC funding, which surely would have valued them at more than that (given all the buzz) meaning the VCs wouldn't have made any money on the deal?

Ross said...

I'm just passing along something I read that was posted by Om Malik who is usually a very reliable source. I don't disagree with you that $40mil might be undervaluing, but then again, I never had a chance to play with the service myself, so I have no idea how well the funtionality works.

We'll just have to see what happens.