Monday, November 21, 2005

My Life My Card My Wishlist starts Nov. 29th

Similar to last year’s highly successful promotion, American Express will again be offering super-cool gifts at greatly reduced prices. Looks like they have a Range Rover Sport up with a pricetag of $5K, and I can see a plasma TV, XBox 360, some sort of leather bag, and what looks like Vespa in the pictorial list of example items. Just like last year, I’m sure there will be a time clock and several different times during the day when you can buy; and, of course, you need an American Express card to buy.

One new thing for this year is to submit a wish for something you want and on December 16th, it appears that they will make it available to you. Be careful what you wish for (and how much you say you’re willing to pay for it).


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