Monday, November 14, 2005

Some changes to Strategize

If you view Strategize via a web browser, you may note the following changes:

  • Google AdWords advertising has been moved to the bottom of the page.  I was having display issues with it, so I moved it down there.
  • Chitika advertising has been added where I used to have AdWords.  I like Chitika and have used it myself, so I’m making it available to all of you.  If you want to add Chitika to your site, I’ve included a link for that too.
  • I’ve added buttons to refer you to Google AdWords to monetize your site/blog and a button to switch to Firefox with the Google Toolbar.  To be honest, I support both of these things and I make a little commission if you click on them.

Please note:  All advertising dollars earned on this blog go directly to my new daughter’s college fund.

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