Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kohler creates tiles that have shower head built in

I originally saw this on Luxist and it’s a very cool idea.  Having done a number of bathroom remodels, I would definitely say that if you don’t have good plumbing and tiling knowledge, you probably want to leave installation to a pro — lots of pre-planning exactly where a tile is going to land and installing the appropriate plumbing the correct location.  I’m guessing that the tiles connect to a water source via some sort of flexible tubing to aid in rough-in, but there’s still a fair amount of precision required that does not necessarily exist in other installations.

All of the tiles seem to be in a chrome finish and install over the top of whatever you use a ceramic or marble tiles, so at least you’re not locked into purchasing Kohler tiles to match what the heads are mounted on.  Prices seem to range depending on the type of nozzle, but generally seem to be between $150 and $200.

Having never installed a system with a bunch of heads, I wonder if you actually have to install some sort of pressure boosting system to ensure that you get even flow out of all the heads.


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