Monday, April 24, 2006

Once Sprint starts selling the Treo 700p, they will do a major Treo 650 update

Gadgetell is reporting that once Sprint starts selling the Treo 700p, they will release a major firmware upgrade for the Treo 650, which is very cool because they could just abandon 650 in order to get all of us to upgrade.  Here are some highlights:

  • New application: “Get Blackberry Connect” to ease installation and configuration of BBConnect clients.
  • FAT32 support (Allows use of the new 4GB SD cards)
  • WiFi drivers for Palm’s WiFi card
  • Will add Drive Mode support (Allows your device to function as a USB SD card reader.)
  • Will free up usable memory by compressing the ROM image
  • Firmware update will also enable future “over the air” firmware updates.

There are definitely a bunch more updates, so read the full post for all details.


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