Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Ok, I think everyone's beaten AmazonMP3 to death -- some songs are $0.10 cheaper than iTunes, all tracks are DRM-free, the interface sucks compared to iTunes, etc.  Here's something that you can do for amusement, however: log into your Amazon account, go to amazonmp3.com , and click the "recommendations" link.  I'm not sure what sort of algorithm is determining choices, but given the fact that I've only really purchased consumer goods and lots of books, I guess I can't say that I'm totally surprised that they have no recommendations for me.

Did anyone else get any recommendations without purchasing anything?  I'm not sure I've ever purchased a CD from Amazon, so they wouldn't really have any data on previous music purchasing habits, but given the fact that the send me e-mails recommending strange crap all the time based on previous (mostly unrelated) purchases, I'm surprised they couldn't come up with anything for me.

Link -- AmazonMP3 


Anonymous said...

I think that you like electronic music. ;)

Unknown said...

There is a website that searches over 6,000,000 Non-DRM tracks (not including AmazonMP3, which it says its adding soon) all at once - www.songboxx.com. With the addition of AmazonMP3, it'll be a pretty incredible search engine.