Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Windows XP Embedded on-screen keyboard


We've got some WebDT terminals that run Windows XP Embedded and one of the frustrations is the need to keep a keyboard plugged in to interact with some functions in our software.  It's especially frustrating because I see a soft keyboard come up during login, but there is no easy way to invoke the keyboard from the screen.

I did some digging an discovered that there is an Onscreen Keyboard application built into Windows XP, that can be accessed via the Run menu by typing "osk".  I simply created a shortcut on the desktop of the WebDT terminal, pointed it to "osk," and created the shortcut.  Simply tap the shortcut twice on the touchscreen, and the Onscreen Keyboard appears, allowing me to remove the wired keyboards from the terminals.  It does take a little practice to manipulate the keys, but I was flying after the third entry.

Link -- WebDT 500 series 

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