Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lies of lawyers

lawyer bear

Guy Kawasaki put together a list of the top 16 lies of lawyers -- it's worth reading.  It's especially worth reading if you're a lawyer.

Here's the thing: the opposite of a lawyer is not a non-lawyer, rather it's being an extraordinarily good lawyer.  it's about not lying, it's about not cross-examining your friends and family when you're not at work, it's about not thinking about every conversation in billable increments, it's about doing the opposite of what makes lawyers the butt of jokes, it's about making sure that Guy Kawasaki doesn't have any materials for his list.  This stuff isn't easy; it much easier to simply be stereotypical rather than to be remarkable.  Maybe the place to start is to write a blog (if you can get over the potential liability implications and leave the 3 paragraph disclaimer off the top of it)

Link -- Guy Kawasaki 

Lawyer bear picture by Claire Dancer  

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