Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Updating the Blackberry Pearl

pearl Continuing on from my post yesterday, I finally gave up trying to upgrade my Pearl on my Mac with Parallels and just installed the desktop software and the update on a Windows machine, which worked perfectly.  I think the problem with using Parallels is the fact that the BlackBerry reboots multiple times during the update process and Parallels doesn't always reacquire it.

The 4.2 update for the Pearl is pretty cool, notably:

  • Updated font settings -- looks more like the Curve

  • Updated graphics generally -- looks and feels more like the newer models

  • Soft power off switch -- this has been missing since the device came out

  • Improved memory handling -- seems to be a lot more free memory, but they may also be due to the fact that I removed all of the non-English language and input support when I updated (I highly suggest doing this if you don't use it)

  • Java exception errors seem to be fixed -- I used to get them occassionally when accessing a contact by typing directly from the home screen

Haven't yet tried it with PocketMac to see if it resolved any of those issues.

Overall I guess I'm pretty happy with the upgrade.

Link -- carrier choice page for BlackBerry upgrades 

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Richard Wilson said...

My blackberry has been having problems with my apple as well.

I just use my other laptop for it now and gave up on trying to figure out why...