Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Lost your phone?

Good thing you don't have to lose your addresses anymore. If you have a cell phone running Symbian or Microsoft Smartphone software, CPP has a new service that will automatically replicate your address book information so that when you get a replacement for your lost phone, you won't have lost any of your contacts. Read the full article from MSMobiles.

Here's something interesting to consider though -- both Symbian and MS Smartphone phones allow you to sync with a data cable to Microsoft Outlook. In fact, one of the big selling points of the MS Smartphone software is its integration with Outlook via ActiveSync. Would I pay for this service from CPP? Probably not. I'd just sync my phone everyday (and if I was using a Smartphone, regardless of operating system, I would want to sync everday to capture any changes to any of my conacts).

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