Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Real mobile computing

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, has a new mobile computing toy he plans to target to business users. Allen has created a relatively small form factor full-fledged computer that runs Microsoft XP, the full version. The computer has a full (though not full-sized) keyboard, pointing device, and a small, wide screen. The cool and differentiating thing about the machine is the Low-power Interactive Display (LID) on the exterior of the screen that operates when the clamshell computer is closed. The LID allows access to e-mail, contacts, and all the other stuff that you don't want to have to open your laptop for. Allen plans to have the device selling by next Christmas.

Can't wait for Allen's machine to come out? Click to check out the Sony U3 direct from Japan. The U3 has roughly the same form factor as Allen's, but with no LID.

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