Thursday, February 05, 2004

Party line phones. . .

. . .not quite, but how about party line searching? (For those that have never heard the term "party line" phones, it refers to phone calls/lines that allowed multiple people to listen in on and participate in single phone conversations). Seth Godin's blog lists a site called Eurekster. Eurekster is interesting in that it allows you to see what your friends (assuming that you and your friends have signed up for free) are searching for. Imagine the possibilities of collaboration between business professionals on cross-functional teams (how cool would it be to see what people were searching for on your company's Intranet? think of your company as a big group of "friends"). Beyond the company application, I don't know if I necessarily care what my friends are searching for (what I really care about is that when I searched under my name, there were no responses, whereas with Google I at least feel validated that I have some sort of presence on the web with the minimum of 1 result that I receive). By the way, you can also see what other people have been searching for recently under the "everyone else" tab.

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