Saturday, February 07, 2004

Nothing to Powerseller in less time than it takes you to read this post

Ever sold an item on Ebay? Ok, more importantly, have you ever bought an item on Ebay? Who do you trust when you are buying something you want? Ebay has a rating system that allows people that purchase items from sellers to rate sellers, and for people that sell high volume on Ebay to make that fact known to the public. High-volume sellers on Ebay are called "Powersellers."

One of the daunting tasks of starting as a seller on Ebay is knowing that you may be competing for bids on a similar item with a Powerseller or that people will not buy from you because you are not a Powerseller (the irony, of course, being that you have to make sales to become Powerseller, but it's hard to make sales until you are a Powerseller).

Enter a very elegant solution known as AuctionDrop. Auction Drop's motto is very simple -- "You drop it off, we sell it on Ebay." And that is exactly what Auction Drop does. There are certain restrictions on value, weight, etc., but Auction Drop enjoys an Ebay Titanium Powerseller. Auction Drop charges a premium percentage based on the cost of the item (the higher the cost, the lower the percentage). Auction Drop is currently opening stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles to allow people to walk in with items to be auctioned.

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