Friday, November 04, 2005


I had an e-mail forwarded to me this morning that was originally from Guy Kawasaki, promoting a new service called FilmLoop.  Essentially FilmLoop allows you to broadcast pictures to anyone in your social network in a live, real-time, updating loop.  Here’s how Guy Kawasaki explains it in the e-mail:

It is a photo broadcasting ("photocasting") system--enabling you to push pictures to people (as opposed to push people to pictures). It's photo sharing on steroids.

The service sound pretty cool, but I have a problem with it — you have to download an application to run it (and the Macintosh application is not yet ready).  This would be much cooler if it ran directly from the browser (like any browser on any operating system).


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michael said...

These kinds of services are really interesting, the idea of pushing out photo content and making it easier to share collections. I work at Slide ( which has been out since August. Its a desktop app and a website. Most actions can be accomplished in both - the app is nice for real time playback, instant sharing and uploading. The web is good for ease of access for friends.