Friday, September 22, 2006

Amazon + TiVo

Rumor has it that Amazon is in talks with TiVo to allow users to directly download and view Amazon Unbox movies.  Not surprisingly, these reports come closely on the heels of Apple unveiling its yet-to-be-released iTV that will presumably allow the viewing of movies and tv shows downloaded from the iTunes Music Store.

I have to say, as a TiVo user and a Mac/iPod/iTunes user, that I would probably wait for the Apple solution and here’s why: the Apple solution seems to involve streaming the movies from a computer that has iTunes installed whereas the Amazon/TiVo solution would seem to involve downloading content to the TiVo box, taking up memory and causing me to need to access the content via TiVo Desktop to retrieve it from the TiVo.  My preference is to download content directly to my computer and stream it, but that’s just me; of course, without knowing full details of the Amazon/TiVo solution, I could be totally off-base.

I’m sure this space is going to really heat up in the next few months and into the first months of 2007 when it is has been reported that Apple will release iTV.

Link — Yahoo Business story

Link — Amazon Unbox

Link — TiVo

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Anonymous said...

Ya would seem like a bit more a process to get the muis con an Ipod. I aslo wonder what kind of DRM they will have.