Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tagging posts

I haven’t been doing Technorati tags on my posts because it was a big pain in the ass, but I found a post and bookmarklet on A Consuming Experience that just made the process completely easy.  Essentially the bookmarklet runs a Javascript that nicely outputs a line of code after I enter the tags that I want; I can then paste that line of code into Blogjet and all of the formatting and tag links are done for me.  It’s too bad that this functionality isn’t built into Blogjet, but it is easy enough that I plan on tagging all posts in the future.

Note that if you use the bookmarklet:

  • In Firefox, right-click the bookmarklet and select Properties.  Copy all of the text out of the “Location” box and paste it into Notepad to make it easy to edit.
  • Make sure you change or delete the “YOURNAME” and “YOURBLOGNAME” in the code and repaste the code into the “Location” field or you will get those words as tags every time you run the script.
  • Be sure to put a comma and then a space after every tag if you are running multiple tags at once.
  • The code that the script outputs needs to be pasted into the HTML/code portion of your blogging program; if you use the WYSIWYG editor function, it will not work correctly in most cases.


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