Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ZYB backs up your mobile phone over-the-air

ZYB is a service that allows you to back up the calendar and contact information on your cell phone over the air.  Not only does ZYB allow you to synchronize contact information between phones, if you lose your phone, etc., but ZYB also allows you to share information that you have backed up from your phone with family, friends, etc.  The ZYB site lists the service as “free forever,” but it is not unlikely that there will be some sort of premium service that they will create to back up SMS messages, pictures, etc. — ZYB actually lists future services such as iPod synchronization, Outlook synchronization, and MSN synchronization as future fee-based services.

As with all services of this type, it is very important to read the privacy policy and terms of service before signing up and loading data onto the ZYB servers.

ZYB requires a phone with SyncML installed and their site claims that there are over 200 phones that do have this software and are compatible with their service.  Further, ZYB requires the use of carrier data service such as GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, etc. in order to complete over-the-air synchronization and back-up.  Currently the ZYB site lists 1.4mil contact backed up with their service.



Anonymous said...

Great Service for every mobile user.

Ross said...

I pretty much agree, especially for phones that do not easily sync with Outlook. The best functionality, when they get around to it, will be the ability to to use the ZYB service as an Outlook sync for phones that do not otherwise have that ability.