Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Will Elmo TMX be the next Tickle Me Elmo?

It’s been 10 years since Tickle Me Elmo caused parents to lose their minds and spend crazy money (and in some cases engage in physical violence) to get the must-have toy of the season for their kids.  Mattel/Fisher Price is predicting that there will be shortages of Elmo Tickle Me Xtreme (TMX; note that the “X” also signifies the 10th anniversary) if sales are anything like what they were 10 years ago.

As a new parent, it’s amazing to see how attached small children become to characters like Elmo — we already have 3 sizes of elmo dolls at our house and pre-ordered the TMX from Amazon to make sure that we had the perfect Christmas present for our daughter.  Several interesting things have happened today, the release day of the TMX:

  • We received notice from Amazon that the order has shipped, so we will definitely have a TMX for Christmas
  • Searching for “Elmo TMX” on Amazon no longer brings up Amazon results, but instead of receiving an Amazon purchase page, but this page that is from a company called “Dakota Sales” and lists the price at $100, which is about 3 times what we paid.
  • Our local Target had about 15 TMXs in stock, so we bought a couple just in case the same sort of madness that happened a few years ago happens again; I figure that we can always return them if we keep the receipt and don’t open them.
  • Ebay is already swarming with listings that seem to, on average, start at double the retail price.  This auction, which ends in 9 minutes from the time of writing this post lists the high bid at $305.

I’ll be watching closely to see what happens and whether or not our purchase of the 2 TMXs was a worthwhile investment.

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Anonymous said...

A friend from the bay area told me that she said her local target had a ton of these at lunch but by dinner when she called back to get more after seeing them on ebay, they were gone.