Friday, September 22, 2006

Sonos now compatible with Rhapsody

A great way to get subscription-based music services to actually work is for the services to figure out ways to get into the household without necessarily being tied to a portable player.  Enter the Rhapsody and Sonos compatibility that allows Sonos users to access the Rhapsody service.  Certainly the Sonos equipment is expensive, but having Rhapsody means that you have an ever-expanding catalog of music to choose from provided that your high-speed connection at home is not down — if you compare the price of Sonos to other professional, multi-room systems, certainly Sonos is a much cheaper and more robust option.

Rhapsody and Sonos might be a good solution if you have a limited audio catalog that you own and are looking for access to lots of content at a low monthly rate — Sonos currently supports the playback of lots of types of files, but does not support playback of any audio files with DRM (so, no, it does not work with iTunes Music Store purchased tracks).

Link — Sonos

Link — Playlist review of Sonos

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