Friday, August 05, 2005

Baby Stuff

I just became a dad last Friday and have the following observations about baby stuff:

  • The Diaper Champ rocks.  Unlike other systems that require you to use proprietary bags, the Diaper Champ will use any kind of bag that you have sitting around.
  • Baby feeding cloths should be made out of chamois or synthetic chamois.  I haven’t seen any cloths made out of super-absorbent material; most of them get completely soaked after just one feeding.
  • The diapers you put on your baby have to be the ones that work best for him or her.  You will read opinions on various different diaper manufacturers and find that 50% of the people like one particular brand because they work for their kid and 50% of the people hate one particular brand because they don’t work for their kid.  The best way to buy diapers seems to be through Amazon with the free 5 day shipping — just stockpile your initial amount of diapers so that you have enough to make it through 6 days (one day for the order to be processed and 5 days to ship) and you shouldn’t have to go to the store nearly as often.
  • Diapers and feminine products are designed to achieve the exact same goal: liquid retention.  So here’s my question: Why don’t you see feminine product technologies integrated into diapers?  Would diapers work better with wings?  Seems like they would.
  • No baby clothes are made with high-tech fabrics; perhaps that’s because they would be really expensive.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of feeding gown made out of GoreTex that would be completely waterproof, yet breathable from the inside?
  • Baby soap is cool because, according to the nurse at the hospital, even if you don’t wash it all off, it won’t harm the baby.
  • The Fisher Price Nature’s Touch swing works exceptionally well to put the baby to sleep.

We had our baby at SkyRidge in Colorado.  The hospital is only around 18 months old, so everything is basically brand-new.  The delivery rooms are state-of-the-art, large, and include multiple phone lines along with a TV and DVD player. 

As a special part of the experience, I opted for the Amenity Suite as  the recovery room.  For a moderate cost, the Amenity Suites are 25% larger, feature a nicer bed for mom, have a jacuzzi tub and shower in the bathroom, include nice high-end toiletry items for mom, include a bathrobe for mom, have a dining table, have a great view of the Front Range, and include dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine cooked by an executive chef.  The dinner portion of the service was amazing as everything is cooked to order and you can order items that are not included on the regular menu; I actually was able to get the chef to make me venison osso bucco one night, while my wife had steak and lobster.  I believe that the overall service is better in the Amenity Suites, although I have not experienced the service on a normal floor, so I can’t be 100% sure.

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"Would diapers work better with wings?" How would that even work? My imagination cant put it together.