Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sprint/Nextel day one

With everything I’ve been able to find it appears that Day One for the combined Sprint/Nextel entity will be September 2, 2005.  According to all of the documentation I’ve been able to find, the following will occur on Day One:

  • Current Sprint PCS subscribers will be able to switch to a Nextel plan with no early termination fees, but a 2 year contract extension will be required.
  • Current Nextel subscribers will be able to switch to a Sprint PCS plan with no early termination fees, but a 2 year contract extension will be required.
  • Because the billing systems will not be totally integrated, a number port will still have to take place when switching between Sprint and Nextel or Nextel and Sprint.
  • Currently existing plans for each company will be available for either service.  For example, there should be Free Incoming plans for Sprint PCS and Fair and Flexible plans should be available for Nextel.
  • There will be a $5 buy-up that allows free mobile-to-mobile between Sprint and Nextel services.
  • Sprint plans to support the iDen (Nextel) network through 2010.
  • There were not Initially be interoperability between Nextel PTT and Sprint ReadyLink.
  • Dual network (CDMA and iDen) handsets are expected, but will not be available for at least 6 months.
  • Nextel Retail Stores and Sprint Retail stores will sell both services and hardware for both services.
  • Certain rate plans will have scaled pricing based on when you want your night minutes to start.

See this thread on IdenInsider for scans of all the new rate plans.  More information available here on Howard Forums.


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