Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is Ojos?

I was ranging around today for alternative photo sharing sites and ran across this post on the business2blog about a service called Ojos (means “eyes” in English) that is supposed to launch soon.  Apparently Ojos uses facial recognition to help you tag your digital photos, which is really cool.  You tag one photo with a person’s face in it, and Ojos will allow you to search your photo library for other pictures that have the same person in them.  Think of this as the consumer version of the fancy facial recognition software the casinos and Homeland Security use (yes, I realize that those systems work in real-time off of video images, but this is still damn cool).

Can’t wait to try it out once the service launches.


miss rogue said...

I don't suppose you'd want to try it out BEFORE the service launches. Like be one of those alpha tester types....??? ;)

I'm the online marketing manager here at Ojos and can get you on the list (it's happening in a couple of weeks) if you drop me an email.


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