Thursday, August 04, 2005

What is xMax?

According to xG Technology:

xMax boosts the data rates of all wired and wireless communications.  xMax is not a compression technique, but rather a synergistic mix of two well-established communication approaches that dramatically improves spectrum utilization. 

By combining elements of traditional narrowband carrier systems with key elements found in low-power wideband systems, xMax delivers data rates orders of magnitude higher than other broadband approaches without causing harmful interference to neighboring spectrum users. 

xMax uses xG Flash SignalingTM to transmit wideband data at power levels up to 100,000 times below FCC regulated power limits and up to 10,000 times below that of ultra wideband (UWB) emissions. Because xMax only requires a narrow slice of dedicated spectrum to coordinate its xG Flash Signal, it is ideally suited for wireless deployments in piecemeal, low-frequency, channel allocations.

Pretty interesting stuff, but I hadn’t every really heard about this company.  What’s interesting is that there’s a lot of information floating around about very high-speed wireless technologies and this is the first time that I had heard of xMax.

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