Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Got an e-mail from the creator of this website, so I decided to check it out. Essentially Bookfinder4u is a pricing aggregator specifically tailored to search out the best book prices (couldn't have guessed that from the name, right?).

I tried searches on several business books sitting on my bookshelf and compared prices that I had paid at Amazon to prices that the Bookfinder search engine was returning. In most cases, Bookfinder returned a less expensive price (excluding shipping) than what I had paid for the books.

Here are my only thoughts:

1. I look buying books from stores that I trust: Amazon and 800-CEO-READ. I have accounts set up at both places that make it really easy for me to go through the purchase process.

2. The results that Bookfinder returns normally including the shipping rates for "standard shipping." I'm an inpatient guy and normally have my books delivered next day or two day. There is no choice within the Bookfinder to switch your shipping preference in order to get a more accurate comparison; you must instead visit each individual site and go through the pricing process.

Conclusion: Solid product and useful for those folks that normally take advantage of the Amazon free shipping or normally choose to have their books shipped via regular mail.

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