Friday, May 21, 2004

In Appreciation for Your Readership -- An Invitation to Gmail

This is a limited-time offer.

I have one invitation left to send to someone to join Gmail.  Instead of sending it to someone I know, I am offering it to all of you, my readers.  You have from now until 6 PM Pacific time to write a compelling reason for why you think you deserve the invite.  Please write your reason in the Comments of this post, and send me an e-mail with your e-mail address so I can send you the invite if you win.

Have fun.

UPDATE:  Chris O'Donnell wins my last Gmail invitation!  Enjoy, Chris; you should have received you invitation by now to the e-mail address from which you e-mailed me earlier today.  For the rest of you: if I receive more invitations, I will be certain to post a similar sort of contest, but probably for a longer period of time . . . stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Last month I pointed you to Mailinator ( - so you owe me one :)

Chris O'Donnell

PS - This is an admittedly weak reason - but with Yahoo and Lycos both upping the storage limit, none of us has a good logical reason for needing a Gmail account! I just want to be one of the cool least for the short time until they open it up to everybody!

Ross said...

Great reason, Chris! So far you're the winner (also, you're the winner because you're the only one playing). Anyone else?

Be creative, come up with a haiku, have your friends enter for you!

Anonymous said...

Got it! Thanks.


DELETED said...
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