Wednesday, May 12, 2004


It's the opposite of feedback. Get it? Feedback = things that happened in the past. Feedforward = things that could happen in the future (read "opportunities")

If not, Fast Company Now has a great post regarding feedforward and a link to Marshall Goldsmith's guide to feedforward.

Here's the quick summary of feedforward from Fast Company Now:

1. We can change the future. We can't change the past.
2. It can be more productive to help people be "right," than prove they were "wrong."
3. Feedforward is especially suited to successful people.
4. Feedforward can come from anyone who knows about the task.
5. People do not take feedforward as personally as feedback.
6. Feedback can reinforce personal stereotyping and negative self-fulfilling prophecies.
7. Face it! Most of us hate getting negative feedback, and we don?t like to give it.
8. Feedforward can cover almost all of the same "material" as feedback.
9. Feedforward tends to be much faster and more efficient than feedback.
10. Feedforward can be a useful tool to apply with managers, peers and team members.

You can find the Fast Company article by Marshall Goldsmith here.

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