Friday, May 07, 2004

Your Free Prize for buying Free Prize Inside

With the last book, A Purple Cow, you could order 12 packs of the books for the price of 4.

Here, now is the list of SHAMELESS Free Prizes for ordering specific quantities of Free Prize Inside. Highlights from the list:

1 BOOK A free ebook that used to cost money and was a #1 bestseller. (this works on the honor system. Just visit ( Free Prize Inside) and there it is. No need to send me a receipt.

32 BOOKS One seat at a free seminar in my office outside of New York City. The date? June 14th. We start about 10 am and go to about 4. I promise youÂ’ll have a great time.

75 BOOKS A free (private) phone edgecrafting session (which I don't often do, but in a moment of weakness, decided to try). You and your team get an hour with me on the phone, at a mutually agreeable time, to talk about your company, your site, your mission, whatever. (subject line “phone graft”)

Deadline for submitting receipts: May 20. Your mileage may vary.

Happy shopping. recommendend trying 800-CEO-READ if you are looking for a last minute copy of the book that might still have the special packaging.

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