Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Marketing Lessons From American Idol

That's the name of the article. Here are the basic ideas:

1. Start with what you know. Better yet, start with what your customers know of you. Continue to advertise in the ways that you always have. Once you make contact with your customers, make sure that they can return the favor. From your traditional marketing methods, whether print ads or commercials, make sure customers can have a way of giving you feedback.

2. Let your customers know you are listening. For your business, if they send you an email, send them one back saying thanks for your time, and your opinion matters to us.

3. Now that you have created a feedback loop with your customers, or what in the industry is known as an open relationship, keep it going until you find out exactly what it is that your customers want.

4. Now that you know exactly what your customers want, make your product to the exact specification of your customers’ requests. Companies that have been doing this for years include Nike, with its design-your-own-shoes-online strategy, and the furniture industry here in good-old Montreal.

Good stuff. Check out the full article (link is in the title).


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