Friday, May 21, 2004

Rewarding Random Acts of Civility

That's what Song Airlines, Delta's low-cost competitor to Jet Blue and -Ted, is doing.  According to this story in the Washington Herald, Song is giving away 5,000 free tickets (tickets are distributed both on planes and from a Song bus that is doing a road tour) valid for travel between Sept. 7 and Nov. 10.  Tickets can be distributed by flight attendants on the planes for "random acts of coolness."  What are random acts of coolness?  From the article:

". . . could be people who might come up and chat about Song . . ."

". . . helping another passenger with a bag . . ."

I could certainly think of giving up my seat so that a couple or family could sit together.  How about not grabbing the back of my seat and catapulting me forward on the way to the bathroom?  Anyway, the certificates are handed out at the flight attendants' discretion.

But before you go flying on Song just to earn a free ticket, you may want to read Seth Godin's description of his experience on Song.  Maybe they need to give free tickets away to keep customers and it's not just a big promotion.

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