Friday, May 14, 2004

The Google Blog

The Google Blog posted a response to all of the posts and things that have been said about it in the media and on other blogs.  Apparently Google (even though Blogger is their product) didn't seem to study blog etiquette prior to embarking on their blog adventure.  To cover themselves, they have now asked everyone to view the Google Blog as a Google Labs project and further to consider it as a "beta" project.

From the blog post:

"In the grand tradition of Google launches, this blog is an experiment. Consider it Googleblog (beta). We're not going to make it entirely first person, because the logical people to write Google blog posts don't always have time to do that. We're not going to make it entirely anonymous because people here have things to say directly to you. And it would be boring as lint if all posts got processed to meet "corporate style." So we'll try different things and see where the pain points are. That's the beauty of a blog -- you can change direction real time to make it work better."

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