Monday, August 30, 2004

Blog Money Making

Wayne over at Blog Business World has a post regarding controversial ways to make money from blogging.  This ties directly into my post last week regarding putting ads on my blog.  From Wayne's post, here are some other money making ideas:

  • Product Endorsements. Write favourable comments about products in your blog; perhaps even including them merely in passing. A link to the company website would be part of the package.
  • Product Placement.  A more direct product endorsement would arise from using, reviewing, and recommending Brand X to your customers.

Interestingly, if you were endorsing and reviewing products on your blog and you had contextual advertising running, you might actually be help a different company also advertise on your blog simply based on the context of your endorsement.  So do you have to choose?  If product endorsements and placements take off, would you be required by those sponsors not to run contextual advertising?  Even better: could you get them to pay you not to?


Unknown said...

You are right. I never mentioned your concept of being paid to remove a bad product review or negative publicity; or to remove a competitor by a higher bid for service. It's simply the reverse of what I was writing about, and possibly a more powerful idea.

Anonymous said...

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