Monday, August 30, 2004

Including WiFi with cell plans

Mixed reviews though it may be receiving (here and here), the HP h6315 is a PocketPC PDA/phone with integrated GSM, GPRS, WiFi, and Bluetooth that is being exclusively offered by T-Mobile.  What's interesting outside of the phone hardware is the fact that the promotional rate plans from T-Mobile include unlimited WiFi access at T-Mobile hotspots.  If you use hotspots a lot, that means you are getting a $30 per month fee included in your cell phone service fees, so for $99, for example, you get 1500 whenever minutes, unlimited GPRS, unlimited WiFi, unlimited text messaging, unlimited IM, and for an extra $10 per month you can get access to corporate e-mail (note that there is no mention anywhere of unlimited nights and weekends).  I wonder if we'll start to see the same kind of deals from AT&T Wireless or if the Cingular merger will kill any sort of discussion of that kind of deal.

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