Friday, August 27, 2004

Business Quotes

I collect quotes from business books; I keep them in a Microsoft Word file aptly titled, "Business Quotes."  While I find the quotes useful many times for presentations, papers, etc. I found myself questioning why else I was collecting these quotes.

Quotes are wonderful because they are free to collect; the only investment is the time that I put into reading a business text.  More than that quotes are wonderfully easy to share.

So here's my plan: Starting today and continuing through the next few weeks I am going to post every business quote that I have collected.  You will note that a lot of the quotes are from Tom Peters -- Tom was the first business author that I read when I discovered business books and I honestly feel that a lot of his writings helped me greatly in getting through business school.

As an added bonus, I will also share all of the quotes that I have collected that are not specifically related to business; these quotes are stored in the aptly titled, "Quotes" MS Word file.

I hope you enjoy.

1 comment:

MK said...

I'm enjoying your quotes. I collect them to tho not mainly from business books. Perhaps you'd like to post an entry about how exactly Tom Peters writing helped you get through business school. The quotes provide the general view. That would reveal the nitty gritty.