Tuesday, August 10, 2004


So it appears that someone with the porn community has figured out that they can push links through the Bloglinker system to the "blogs" on the porn sites.  Take a a look at the Bloglinker window on the bottom left of this page and notice that of the 5 recently added links, 3 of them (maybe more by the time you read this) are links through to some sort of porn site.  Bloglinker does give me the ability to suppress, delete, etc. and link I don't like, but I'll wait a couple of days to do so in support of this post.

The really interesting thing is that I started getting notifications of these link-throughs just yesterday morning and there seems to be quite the steady stream.  I wonder if it's one webmaster for all the sites or if this is some sort of big move by the industry into the blog world.  Certainly you would think that an RSS feed that people opt into rather than receive nasty e-mails would be a better model for the industry, but I am certainly no expert.  Actually, consider this:  If you received illicit content through a RSS feed, would your company's screening systems be able to monitor and block that content?  To that point:  Are there RSS feeds that you have to authenticate to (i.e., subscription services)?

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