Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blogger's AdSense

So maybe this is old news, but to be honest, unless I do a major revision to my blog page template, the majority of my interaction with Blogger is through Blogjet, with which I author all of my posts.  In any event, those of you that read my blog via a web browser may have noticed that Blogger replaced all of the Adsense advertisements at the top of the blog with a Google search toolbar that searches the content of my site; exactly the same as the one located in one of the lower boxes on the left of this site.  Why did they do this?  Well apparently Blogger actually wants to make it my option as to whether or not to put the Adsense advertisements back on the site and to give me a cut of the revenues should I choose to put them back; this is pretty amazing for a free blogging service.  From Blogger:

You may have noticed that we recently removed our ads from Blogger powered blogs. We were making money from those ads but you weren't getting any of it. Now, we're inviting you to set up your own Bloggerized AdSense account so that you make the money. What's the catch? We're going to take some of the action. Based on what we have learned from AdSense so far, this will work out very nicely for both of us. Please note that this program is optional and that it is not required for you to have a Blogger powered blog—all bloggers are invited.

Note: As it says above, all bloggers, Blogger users or not, are invited to add Adsense to their blogs.

So will I do it?  I'm not really entirely sure.  Readership of my blog is hovering around 300 people per day that are visiting the site directly and I have no way of counting the number of people reading via RSS/Atom.  The Adsense items really only affect those people that do not read the blog via RSS/Atom, but I'm still not sure if I'm ok with putting advertisements on the blog.  I never started blogging to make money from it, although it does take some amount of time for me to produce the content that I do produce, so it is tempting.  Furthermore, I do know that Adsense is not going to affect the RSS/Atom readers by pushing ads via RSS, so that becomes a bit more attractive.  Finally, Adsense at least provides relevant advertising to the topics I blog about, so I don't have to worry about random banner ads about items that I would prefer not to be associated with.  And my absolute final thought is that we are willing to put up with Adsense as part of Gmail, so why not on my blog.

Any thoughts on this topic would certainly be appreciated.


Lindsay Lohan said...

==-> How did you ever place a AdSense Ad into your blogger post?

I have been trying this for weeks and currently I have not, as of yet, figured this code out yet. I did copy your code, minus your AdSense PuID, I will attempt to use with my own AdSence PubID. So, where did you learn to do this?

Lindsay Lohan said...

Will you Help me with this AdSence Please?

Ross said...


Please see these posts:

How to insert AdSense into Blogger

How to insert AdSense into FeedBurner

Note that if you are trying to get AdSense to show up on the HTML version of your site in each post (the instructions above simply tell you how to get it into your feeds), you need to go into your Blogger code. Look for this code in your template: <$BlogItemBody$> and insert your AdSense code after that. Note that by inserting the ads in this way they WILL NOT show up in your feed -- best to follow my instructions above for that.

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