Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Browse Happy

Browse Happy is an online evangelism site.  What it's profiled users are evangelizing is not using Microsoft Internet Explorer; the different users tell their stories about using browsers other than IE, so the site is not a marketing tactic by an individual independent browser producer.

The cost of entry for buying a domain, creating, and hosting a site is astoundingly low compared to just a few years ago.  Imagine if people united against a bad product in your industry.  What if the name of the site was "Enjoy Theme parks" and it was maintained by a group of people that were evangelizing not going to a certain major theme park because of poor quality.

In so much as aggregating real life stories to make an idea more personal, Browse Happy could easily be compared to Apple's Switch campaign.  Of course, Apple has millions to throw at the switch ad campaign and the ability to seek out influential people to profile in their campaign. 

The most scary thing for industries and businesses should be this:

If you are producing an inferior product, beware!  Your customers or potential customers will no longer put up with it.  They will blog about it and they can very inexpensively set up whole websites to evangelize about alternatives to your product.  They can easily create logos that others can use to quickly pass on the message of the campaign to thousands of others.  This is the viral marketing that you think you are looking for, but not the kind of viral marketing you want; it's viral marketing against your product.  And the old adage of "any publicity is good publicity" does not hold water in the lightspeed viral environment.


By the way, in case you haven't read, I switched quite some time ago to Firefox myself.

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